This Festive Season , Relish Good Health to your loved Ones. Shop Now & get FREE DELIVERY
This Festive Season , Relish Good Health to your loved Ones. Shop Now & get FREE DELIVERY
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Green Sun Wellness

Green Sun Low Carb Jeera Cookies | 200Gm | 0.6 g Net Carb Per Biscuit | Keto Friendly| Sugar Free | Natural Sweetener Stevia |Healthy | High Fiber | Super Foods | Crispy |Tasty | Low Calorie |High Protein | Low GI| Baked

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Low carb Jeera cookies 200 grams are made with quality ingredients, are lab tasted, and are recommended by Dietitians. Green Sun is powered by Prettislim clinic & its experienced Team of Doctors, Dietitians, Food Technologists, and Chefs. With More than 15 years experience of dealing with thousands of Clients, Green Sun is the latest offering from the House of Prettislim Reducing Carbs like sugar, maida, sweets, and rice helps with weight maintenance, weight loss & improved health. Green Sun Low Carb Snacks help you further cut down carbs while having your favorite Foods. Now it is easy to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle, without compromising on taste. Now Enjoy your favorite foods, Guilt Free.

low carb jeera cookies

Jeera biscuits packet refers to a packet of biscuits that are flavored with cumin seeds, also known as jeera in Hindi. Jeera rolls are a famous Indian tidbit that joins the kinds of margarine, sugar, and cumin seeds to make a novel and flavorful taste. These rolls have a crunchy surface and a somewhat sweet and tart flavor with a touch of jeera. Jeera biscuits are often enjoyed with tea or coffee and are commonly found in Indian grocery stores or snack shops. They are a favorite among people who appreciate the distinct taste of cumin seeds in their snacks.

Green Sun Low Carb Jeera cookies Features

  • ONLY 0.6 GMS CARBS PER BISCUIT: The Superfoods seeds formulation make our Jeera Biscuits Low Carb, without compromising the taste and crumbliness of a biscuit. It is perfect for a Keto Diet along with Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet and Vegan Diet
  • IDEAL FOR HEALTH / WEIGHT WATCHERS: Green Sun Low Carb food products helps to Maintain / lose weight, as a part of Low carb Diet Regimen, while satisfying your craving for Snacks. It is perfect vegetarian Snack and munching Options for a Keto Diet along with Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet and Vegan Diet
  • GUILT FREE BISCUITS :Now following a diet is so easy with Low Carb biscuits option available for Munching. Get Health & Fitness, without compromising on your Favourite Foods. Munch Anytime, Anywhere, whether Watching Movies, Travelling, Party Or Whenever you are Hungry
  • SCRUMPTIOUS AND TASTY: Green Sun Low Carb Jeera cookies, brings the same Crisp, with no Maida or Chemicals; making them authentic and deeply satisfying. Enjoy with your evening Green Sun herbal Tea.
  • AMAZING FLAVOUR : Green Sun Low Carb Jeera biscuits score high in Flavour with crunchiness and Tasty flavour in LOW carb form. Perfect to have as Tasty, Sweet, Healthy Low Carb Biscuits.
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